Poster project



This is my first project for comm16 professional imaging. The assignment was to create a move poster making a composite of pictures including one of me as the lead of the movie.

To start I spent time looking at movie posters and seeing what stood out to me. As I looked at the posters I found that I liked the look of the Sherlock Holmes and super hero posters and so I tried to make my poster look similar to what I saw.

To create my poster I used my pictures from the Las Vegas strip. The pictures I used was of a light stand. Another picture from the Nelson Nevada ghost town about 45 minutes out side of Las Vegas Nevada. This one is of a bard window that is part of one of the structures there. The last picture that I used was of me I took it in Rexburg Idaho just using the wall in my home the natural light from the window and a light from our front room. This picture was taken with a Nikon D3100 and 35 mil fixed lens at a 1.8 the other two shoots where with a Tamron 18-200 lens

The compilation of this picture was really fun for me and I feel that I learned better the skills that I have been thought. The thing that I liked the most was blending the pictures together and making them look more like they went together.

aarynpreece-rexburg-idaho-mainstreet aarynpreece-lasvages-strip-lights aarynpreece-nelson-ghost town-window

All of the tools that I used are found in Adobe Photoshop. One of the tools that I used was the refined edge brush. That was such a help to me as I transferred the pictures of me to get the hair smooth out the edges of the picture. Another tool that I used was under the matting tool. I used that to take the white out of the background. It was great on removing the halo that is found on images removed from a whit backdrop.

In the end I really enjoyed this assignment and would encourage you to try it and share your experience