Good afternoon! I hope you have found a great place to sit-down and have lunch. A little while ago I had an opportunity to style and take this shoot and I wanted to share it with you.

In this small group of pictures I shot I really was working to capture the fresh feel of the food. One of the things that I did not expect to be a challenge was the condiments on the bread crust. There were some pictures that were amazing with the lighting but with the small drip of condiment on the crust, it was making an unwanted shine which wasn’t pleasing to the eye.


To fix this I tried taking a napkin and wiping off the condiment; that only spread it around.

The next option was to just change the sandwich bread; that could be hard because of all the work of styling the food. You really don’t want to go through the hard process of making it look great again but it is well worth it! Another option is one that we all must consider and that is bringing it to photoshop and cleaning up that small spot by using the clone healing brush.

This other picture is of the Roma Tomato that I used in the sandwich. This was a fun shoot for me because it was simple and I wanted to give it a fresh feel to mach the rest of my shoot so I decided to ad a little water to give it that.


Here is the finale pictures of one of those lunches that really just speaks to me.


Roma Tomato

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