Info-graphic are a great way to show information in a way that can catch the eye of public. I have here an info-graphic that I have worked on and have been able to communicate an idea. Info-graphic are designed so that someone can quickly and effectively find the information that is being offered. I hope that you enjoy this one.

Some of the things that i learned in designing this info-graphic.

1. You need to be willing to change your design. Be willing to open your imagination.

2. Message. The message is shown by the way that you design. design it for the age group that you are trying to move to action.

3. have fun. when you are designing you should have fun. you should be exited about the information that you are giving out.

4. learn something new. there are many tools that you can use in designing and there are even more that are not related to a computer at all. look out side of the computer. Be willing to open your mind by working with other mediums.

5 things

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