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Portfolio Blog

This is My portfolio in a blog I have done this so that you can look at my pictures easer. I hope that you enjoy.


AarynPreece-DaveBlack-BYUI-Idaho-Lightpainting  (1 of 10)

AarynPreece-Makeoverphotography-Rigby-Idaho (2 of 8)

aaryn-preece-fall-leaves-rexburg-idaho-floral   (1 of 5)


Aaryn-Preece-product-Photography-rexburg-Idaho  (11 of 11)

Aaryn-Preece-Food-Photography-theLift-jackson-Wyoming. (20 of 30)

Aaryn-Preece-Food-Photography-theLift-jackson-Wyoming. (3 of 30)

Aaryn-Preece-Group-Photography-Sky-Mountain-Lodge-Victor-Idaho (2 of 4)


aaryn-preece-apphotography-fashion- models-salt-lake-city   (24 of 28)

aaryn-preece-apphotography-fashion- models-salt-lake-city   (10 of 70)

Aaryn-Preece-macro-photogrophy (26 of 41)

aaryn-Preece-scanorophy-Roberta-Bailey copy



aaryn preece-light-painting-stream-badger creek


  1. Aaryn! Great portfolio! I love your macro shots with the plants, bug, food and products! You’re really good at that type of photography! You also have great lighting when it comes to portrait photography! Good work this semester!

  2. Aaryn, You are AWESOME. I know this doesn’t apply to the photography aspect of having you in class… but I just have to tell you how much I appreciated you ALWAYS jumping up to help. You never had to be asked, you are a true gentleman! Now to the photography, I love the composite movie poster you did! it looks SO great, the way you combined them is amazing. I also love the image of the salad from the lift! It’s light and the colors are amazing. 🙂

  3. Great job! You really know how to pose your subject. I really think that’s what makes your pictures pop. I look forward to seeing your prints.

  4. Aaryn, these picks were great! I am a huge sucker for the orange leaves one at the beginning, oh my gosh it’s gorgeous. Thanks for being my partner several times and putting up with me! I have loved seeing your work.

  5. Aaryn your photos are so great. I love your movie poster it looks so great. You are awesome and your photos are amazing great job this semester. check out Aarons photos http://aaronellisphoto.com/best-of-2013-a-collection-of-my-favorite/

  6. I really like your light painting picture! I love how the light pools in one little section in the stream. Great job here!

  7. Aaryn I really love your macro and food shots. You have a great talent for them! The movie poster was also really good as well. 🙂 You should check out some of Janelle’s images too at http://etzeldesign.com/.

  8. Aaryn, these look great! I’ve had so much fun talking photography with you in this class and seeing how you’ve progressed of the last semester! Your work is beautiful and I love all of the natural light you get in your images. I can’t wait to see your printed portfolio!

  9. Aaryn, throughout this semester I’ve noticed that you like to keep things simple and I can really see that it can be beautiful that way. I’ve enjoyed taking COMM 316 with you this semester. I’m looking forward to seeing your portfolio. -Kaylee

  10. Aaron, great job on all your photos. Your style is very strong and bold. I like all the colors and the way that you thoughtfully took each shot! Great job! You should check out Casey’s work at http://caseyjphoto.com

  11. Nice work Aaryn!! These look so great. You have a really good variety. I think my favorites are all of your food and product shots! I was so great to work with you this semester!

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