Macro water droplets

Macro water droplets


Macro water droplets are hard to do the trick is to get the drop of water to capture the image behind it. in some ways you could say that it works like just like a the a shooter on a camera. It reflects the image and most of the time it is upside down.

Macro photography is a form of creativity and really makes you think about what life would be like in miniature. As I was taking these pictures I was using extension tubes for a nikon camera. I uses a 36mm 20mm and 12mm extension tubes. along with a 18 to 200mm lens from Tamaron.  Using a zoom lens is important because it allows you to get really close to your subject and it makes for a great macro especially when you want to get more creative.

Also don’t forget your camera settings use Apt at 1/60 or 1/250 anywhere in between there. Also F/ 16-22 and an ISO at 100 to 200 on manual focus. I will add that you are the judge of your photo and that if you feel that you need a little more light then add a little more to your ISO and see if that helps

As I worked on this I can honestly say that I don’t know if this style of macro photography is for me. I have really enjoyed the flora and fauna and still life macro photography but I’m not to sure about water droplets. I can  say that it is a great feeling to see the photos turn out as good as they did. I know that i have  along way to go before this is my favorite but I like seeing the end result.


Aaryn-Preece-macro-photogrophy (37 of 41)

Aaryn-Preece-macro-photogrophy (36 of 41)

Aaryn-Preece-macro-photogrophy (34 of 41)

Aaryn-Preece-macro-photogrophy (33 of 41)


Aaryn-Preece-macro-photogrophy (28 of 41)

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